California Bar Exam Pass Rates by School (July 2010 Exam)

Well, the list of bar passage rates by school is out concerning the July 2010 Bar Exam for California and the results are mixed. In a year where rates have been down nation and statewide, it was clear it was going to be interesting to see where all of these schools ended up. Here is a list below which was found on The only thing that has been added is the 2010 World News & World Report Ranking which is in bold next to the name (It’s interesting to see how the rankings play, or don’t play an effect on the bar pass rate).

Law School Pass Rate
1.  Stanford (Rank: 3)
98% (89-91)

2.  Berkeley Law (UC Berkeley) (Rank: 7)
91% (193-211)

3.  USC (Rank: 18)
90% (157-174)

4.  Pepperdine (Rank: 52)
88% (151-171)

5.  Loyola (Rank: 56)
84% (297-355)

6.  UCLA (Rank: 15)
83.5% (237-284)

7.  Western State (Rank: Tier 4)
83.3% (45-54)

8.  UC Davis (Rank: 28)
81.3% (143-176)

9.  UC Hastings (Rank: 42)
80.8% (295-365)

10.  University of San Francisco (Rank: 98)
76% (111-141)

11.  Pacific McGeorge (Rank: 98)
71% (172-242)

12.  Santa Clara (Rank: 93)
70.4% (184-261)

13.  California Western (Rank: Tier 4)
70.1% (122-174)

14.  Chapman (Rank: 93)
69.6% (96-138)

15.  University of San Diego (Rank: 56)
65% (169-259)

16.  Southwestern (Rank: Tier 3)
59% (144-244)

17.  Thomas Jefferson (Rank: Tier 4)
58% (68-117)

18.  Golden Gate (Rank: Tier 4)
57% (79-138)

19.  Whittier (Rank: Tier 4)
53% (62-116)

20.  La Verne (Rank: Tier 4)
47% (35-75)

Looking at the list of school and their subsequent bar pass rates it’s easy to see the high achievers and the somewhat disappointments rates if you will. It’s notable that Western State is sitting among the elite California ABA accredited schools while USD fell to the lower half while being ranked #56. Also worth noting is Loyola Law School and Pepperdine Law School, both finishing at the upper half of California with rates well into the 80′s and even overcoming UCLA. It will be interesting to see if/how these pass rates affect the new law school rankings for 2011.

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  • Paper17

    well they “know” how to spell “know” for one

  • Guy Chambliss

    If I were a bar taker, I’d be happy as long as I pass. My school’s passing rate wouldn’t matter much to me. Besides, the best part of life in the field of law is the satisfaction and fulfillment people get from it.

  • Guest


  • Guest

    I agree with Lou. Sometimes law schools rank higher/better just because they are attached to a big school that has other programs besides law, such as undergrad and other professional schools.

  • Anonymous Stanford Law

    Yeah. They don’t admit retards like 80% of the schools on this list.

  • Lou

    Why not? Just because it is ranked a 4th tier school by the elitist US World and News Report does not mean that its students are not better prepared to take the Bar exam than other tier 1 students. The numbers do not lie. Although I am not a Western State grad, I am glad they placed well.

  • Homycraz

    anyone no what standford does to have 98 percent passage

    its like wtf

  • NotaTier1

    Anyone care to explain the Western State jump? makes no damn sense
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