Millions “mourn” the death of Kim Jong Il: Man who single-handedly started gray jumpsuit trend among despots is dead

Today millions of North Koreans were forced to mourn the loss of their longtime leader, Kim Jong Il. North Korean state TV ran footage of sobbing citizens in the wake of Kim Jong Il’s long awaited sudden death at the age of 69. State TV said the images contained “indescribable sorrow.” I hate to break it to North Korea, but technically “indescribable” is still a description. I don’t mean to be too insensitive at the loss of human life, but let’s get one thing straight: the world is better off with this man dead. He was a tyrant whose own ego resulted in the starvation of untold numbers of his own people, who endure horrible, poverty-stricken lives on a day-to-day basis. Quite the legacy, isn’t it? Plus, the guy had no imagination when it came to personal attire. Somewhere, in a darkly lit (okay, probably not lit) room, his tailor (who probably believes the only fabric color in North Korea is gray) is rejoicing – well, after his completion of his mandatory public mourning of “Dear Leader” of course.

Unfortunately, the insane and nuclear obsessed acorn doesn’t bounce far from the fuel rods – err, tree.  Kim Jong Il’s son, (who is not ill – yuck, yuck) Kim Jong Un will now rule the country at the ripe age of 27. I am sure we’ll soon trade images of indescribable sorrow for indescribable joy, right, North Korea?


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