July 2011 California Bar Exam Pass Rate by Law School

Here is a list of the if the California law schools and the corresponding bar pass rates for each school for the July 2011 Bar Exam. To make it interesting, I also added the current (2011) USNWR rankings for each school and the July 2010 bar pass rate for each school for comparison.

First, congratulation to the University of Southern California Law School for topping the list. Aside from USC topping the list, there were some other interesting movements as well.

It’s hard to miss Thomas Jefferson coming in at the bottom of the list and posting a mere 33%. I would assume there would be some investigating by the ABA or some sort of penalties. Aside from the 33%, they only posted a 58% the year prior. It will be interesting to see how the ABA responds. Check out the link below for how AboveTheLaw reacted to the 33%.

Chapman Law School also had a significant jump from their 69% pass rate in 2010 to 79% in 2011. While the jump is significant, when going back to 2009 when Chapman posted 81%, it seems more likely that 2010 was a fluke and Chapman will continue to be on the rise.

Lastly, Western State has done a good job of proving that 2010 wasn’t luck and posted a respectable 77% in July of 2011 to keep them above the California average.

July 2012 scores are highly anticipated with UC Irvine Law School, California’s new golden child law school, posting their first bar percentage since opening their doors in 2009. Will they live up to the hype?

Rankings Found at USNWR

July 2011 Bar Pass Results Found at CA Bar

Read about Thomas Jefferson School of Law and their underperformance at AboveTheLaw

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