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What’s On Your Bucket List? Man Tries To Out Run Cops Just For The Fun Of It

A Montana man has been fined $1,000 for leading police on a high-speed chase, which reached speeds of up to 100 mph. Eventually police officers used a spike trip to end the man’s joy ride. When asked why he instigated the chase, the man replied that it was something he had always wanted to try. [...]

This Reflects Poorly on Society (Funny/Sad Google Search)

Really? When typing in “what’s the best way to ___________,” I came up with this gem. While I’m not going to divulge what I was looking for the best way to do, this was seriously disturbing. Quite honestly the most disturbing part was “how to kill a dragon in Skyirm.” I think the photo speaks [...]

Have an unruly defendant? Tape his mouth shut.

A Pennsylvania judge recently went to great lengths to ensure his courtroom would be silent and free from unruly behavior. Defendant Erik Britt had his mouth taped shut after he repeatedly disrupted jury selection (one can imagine the judge ordering the defendant to shut his “pie hole!” But alas, there was no pie for Britt). [...]

How Grades Ruin My Christmas

Grades are the worst best thing since high school. The ups and downs they can bring are monumental and quite honestly, not good for my health. This time of year I find myself checking for my grades online more than any reasonable person should. The below image is my Christmas Break in a nutshell.

What I SHOULD Have Done vs. What I DID

As newly minted 1L’s are finishing their first semester of law school and veteran 3L’s are finishing their second to last semester, there is no doubt there are mixed feelings about the decision to go to law school with the current state of the legal job market. We recently got a slightly humorous, slightly dark [...]

Arise, students. Finals are over (for some). Now go hibernate

As many students awaken from their finals week malaise (some will trade this in for a drunken stupor), Law Riot would like to know what are some of our reader’s best finals moments. Everybody has experienced those awkward library moments, and heck who hasn’t been disturbed by a laptop start up sound? Note to self: breathing loudly could endanger [...]

Roll Sheet….You Elusive Bastard

This has gone on far too long. The ABA has these silly little requirements about attendance at ABA approved law schools. As a student, you’re required to attend 80% of every class during the semester. So, how do these professors keep track? Oh, that handy little roll sheet with your name—and sometimes even that horrible [...]

How a 3L Spends Their Class Time

  You Can’t Argue With Science. Oh, and yes, that’s a shameless plug.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Getting Divorced – Ashamed to Even Be Writing This Headline

Let me begin by saying, “I’m devastated.” I mean, I really thought they were going to make it. Everything was working in their favor. They were both rich, both on T.V., they both stand on opposite ends of the height spectrum, they had their lives/wedding aired on E!; this was literally a match made in [...]

An Open Letter to My Future Employer: Hire These People Instead


Dear Potential Future Employer, Today, I would like to express why, good sir (or madam); it would be in your best interests to look beyond the scope of your traditional associate hiring criteria. Law firms often fail to grasp how the personalities and social abilities of their employees deliver real profits or losses to their [...]
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