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Have No Fear, The Hangover II WILL Be Here

As LawRiot previously wrote, Mike Tyson’s tattoo artist is suing for an injunction to halt the Hangover II from being released. The reasoning behind the suit is the tattoo replica now being worn by Stu in the highly anticipated sequel to The Hangover. Well, everyone can now rest easy, The Hangover II will be released [...]

Winklevoss Twins Won’t Let the Ninth Circuit Keep Them Down in Suit Against Facebook

I think Mark Zuckerberg, or I guess technically Jesse Eisenberg, said it best when he said, “If you wanted to create Facebook, you would have created Facebook.” It is the famous Winklevoss twins that have managed to garner a fair amount of attention over the past years for their lawsuit against the creator of Facebook [...]

Copyrighting the Mike Tyson Tattoo

The Hangover II is set to hit theaters May 26th, but may have to do so without Stu sporting his Mike Tyson like tattoo. It turns out, the tattoo artist who ‘tatted’ Mike Tyson actually registered a copyright for the art and is suing for copyright infringement to have the tattoo removed from advertisements and [...]

Trickle Down Effect of Copyright Infringement

Illegally downloading a song, movie, or television show seems harmless and you’re only hurting those that are already millionaires who don’t need the money, right? Obviously this is untrue if you have even a basic understanding of how entertainment products are produced. All of those that help to make the final product depend on the [...]
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