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October 6, 2011 Law Revue

It’s Midterm Time! Try Some Stress Relievers. Survive Law Thinking About Getting Married? Worried About The Long Term? Try Mexico City. Bitter Lawyer With The Acquittal of Amanda Knox, Questions Are Raised. Just a Few. WSJ Law Blog What Deserves Extra Time on the LSAT? A.D.D.? Nursing Mother? You Make The Call. LSAT Blog

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What We Want: Write a short blurb on your favorite legal topic. Make it original, make it interesting, make us want to pay you $50! We’re looking for the most interesting and relevant legal article you can write. The topics can be anything from law school to life as an attorney or anything else you [...]

May 20, 2011 Law Revue

“Bread Crumbs Patent” Denied. IPKat. Facebook friend request DENIED. AboveTheLaw. Oregon Woman Wins Suit to Carry Gun and Smoke Marijuana. WSJLawBlog. Commencement Speech to NYU Grads. Huffington Post. Paying NCAA Student-Athletes? Maybe. It’s being discussed whether these NCAA student-athletes should get paid. Apparently it’s not enough that a large portion are getting full tuition and [...]

April 18, 2011 Law Revue

Photo-fit copyright infringement. IPKat. under fire after sexual assault. AboveTheLaw. Toyota gets a break after study identifies accelerator mishaps attributed to drivers. WSJLawBlog. NFL Labor talks to continue Tuesday. ESPN.  

April 6, 2011 Law Revue

For more, check out   2 Executions Halted at 11th Hour. WSJ Law Blog. Law Students Shouldn’t Play Sports? AboveTheLaw. This Kid Did NOT Have a Good Experience at Cooley Law. Random Blog.    

March 24, 2011 Law Revue/NCAA Picks

The Increasing Legal Issues Surrounding Division I Athletes. ESPN. Rooting for your Law School Alma Mater Team over College Alma Mater is a No No. PrawfsBlawg. Law school apps plummet for Fall of 2011. Vault. Thelaw school buble has burst. Slate. National Jurist ranks based on diversity. NxtBook. Malcolm Gladwell (Author of Blink, Tipping Point [...]

February 16, 2011 Law Revue

Damaging tape in Bonds case allowed at trial. ESPN Young lawyers beware, your job may be on the line. WSJ Law Blog Right v. wrong when deciding to go to law school. Eduers

February 15, 2011 Law Revue

Think you’re having a tough time with student loan? Justice Clarence Thomas didn’t pay off his law school student loans until his 3rd year as a SCOTUS Justice: GMU LAW ABA Journal documents why lawyers love their job. (seriously): ABA Journal Fierce blogger begs lawyers to stop going to social media conferences: Heavy Journal Do [...]

February 14, 2011 Law Revue

Wal-Mart doesn’t promote medical marijuana users. Wall Street Journal Law Blog What’s more important? Grades or Experience? Apparently experience. Lawyerist Albert Haynesworth continues to fall. CNN Recent JD/MBA graduate fields questions on how he went solo straight from school: Reddit AMA. Looks like SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas hasn’t asked a question during oral argument recently. [...]

February 9, 2011 Law Revue

Sony: Feel free to jailbreak your phone. But if you even post the code for how to jailbreak the PS3, we’ll pwn (sue) you. Wired Your Facebook profile can get you outta jury duty. Gizmodo Both green circles, both look modern-ish. There must be infringement, right? Gizmodo Witches facing trouble. APNews Law School has mojo? [...]
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