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Gay Marriage Ruling Expected: Issue will eventually wind up at the Supreme Court

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is expected to rule soon on the legality of California’s current ban of gay marriage, which was put into place after the successful passing of Proposition 8 by voters in 2008. Regardless of who wins this ruling, both sides have said they will appeal to the Supreme Court if [...]

Millions “mourn” the death of Kim Jong Il: Man who single-handedly started gray jumpsuit trend among despots is dead

Today millions of North Koreans were forced to mourn the loss of their longtime leader, Kim Jong Il. North Korean state TV ran footage of sobbing citizens in the wake of Kim Jong Il’s long awaited sudden death at the age of 69. State TV said the images contained “indescribable sorrow.” I hate to break [...]

Orange County Superior Court Rules in Contentious Medical Marijuana Case

Recently, Judge Chaffee of the Orange County, California, Superior Court ruled in what has become one of the most watched medical marijuana cases in California. The ruling in Qualified Patients’ Association v. City of Anaheim comes after years of contentious legal sparing, and the involvement of the state’s appellate court. For those of you not [...]

Obamacare Individual Mandate Ruled Unconstitutional

An appeals court in the 11th Circuit ruled today that the component of President Obama’s healthcare law which forces citizens to buy insurance, or face a penalty, has no backing from the commerce clause and is unconstitutional. This deals a major blow to President Obama, who is still reeling from the credit downgrade last week. While the individual [...]

The Audacity of Austerity: White House Staff Raises 2x National Average

As reported recently in the Gawker, last year, White House staff members received raises more than 2 times the national average. As President Obama encourages the country to tighten their belts and opines that real cuts must be made in government, he seems to forget how these types of moves affect public opinion and his own image. [...]

UPDATE: Judge Reverses Earlier Decision That “Prayer” Will Cause “Irreparable Harm” to Students at Graduation

A federal court has reversed a decision made earlier this week which banned prayer from a high school graduation. This is a victory for first amendment rights and a blow to activist judges everywhere. Should anything further come of this story, LawRiot will bring it to you.

Judge Says “Prayer” Will Cause “Irreparable Harm” to Students at Graduation

In what this writer feels is one of the most asinine decisions ever handed down, Chief U.S. District Judge Fred Biery recently ordered that students at a high school graduation are forbid from mentioning words such as, “prayer” and “amen.” He said this would cause a student to “suffer irreparable harm.” This ruling was the result [...]

Lottery Winner Still Collecting Food Stamps

I know, I know, this doesn’t make any sense. However, when the government is involved, that tends to happen. An Auburn, Michigan man won a 2 million dollar jackpot last year and is still eligible for, and happily collecting, food stamps from the state of Michigan. Apparently, the problem is in the fine print (as are [...]

Teacher Refuses To Display American Flag Drawing…In America!

I’m going to start off by apologizing for the lack of objectivity in this piece because what this teacher has allegedly done is downright stupid. In a school in Massachusetts, 7 year old Frankie Girard, was allegedly told by his teacher his drawing of the American flag was potentially offensive and would not be displayed in [...]

Pro-Gay Textbook Bill Gains Traction in California

The California legislature is discussing a bill, introduced by state senator Mark Leno, which would require textbooks in California schools to include information on the “gay rights movement.” A similar bill (SB 1437) was vetoed by former Governor Schwarzenegger back in 2006. But today, a revamped version of it (SB 48) has been approved by the California [...]
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