Interested in having your writing featured in LawRiot? Want to drive traffic to your own blog or website?

Love law and or politics? Do you have an idea for an interesting article that could help law students in law school, prospective law students with their applications, or young attorneys with their own practice? We are looking for articles that will inspire, motivate, humor, or reveal an interesting perspective of the law. We also would love to hear your opinions on federal, state, and municipal policy and legal considerations.

We are always interested in finding new talent to join the LawRiot team.

Whether you have an idea for a single guest post, a plan for a series of posts, or you want to become a regular contributor to LawRiot, feel free to email us your proposal.

These opportunities are unpaid, but provide a chance to have your writing published in a leading legal blog, build your resume, and drive traffic to your own site.

Submit Ideas for Content:

Shoot us an email to lawriot(at)gmail(dot)com

Guest posts should generally be 500-1,500 words of practical information or actionable advice about the practice of law. Please submit your posts as text or—if you must—an or Word document. All posts must be original content, though they can cite and link back to other sources. You may find our previous guest posts useful to better understand what we look for in post proposals.
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