Whittier Law School Graduate Launches Video Game Bar Association

video game bar association

Now that the video game industry composes an even larger market than the movie industry, it’s time that the legal industry take notice. Enter the Video Game Bar Association, or V.G.B.A.

Whittier Law School graduate Patrick Sweeney, partner and head of the Video Game Practice department at Reed Smith’s Los Angeles office spearheads this new worldwide association having sent out invitations to 100 attorneys in North America and Europe. In addition to Mr. Sweeney, other members of the Board include George Rose, Executive Vice President and Chief Public Policy Officer at Activision Blizzard, Inc.; David Anderson, Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs for THQ, Inc; David Rosenbaum of the Law Offices of David Rosenbaum; and Konstantin Ewald of Germany-based law firm Osborne Clarke.

So what do you need in order to be eligible for the the VGBA? Just:

What I SHOULD Have Done vs. What I DID

As newly minted 1L’s are finishing their first semester of law school and veteran 3L’s are finishing their second to last semester, there is no doubt there are mixed feelings about the decision to go to law school with the current state of the legal job market. We recently got a slightly humorous, slightly dark depiction of one anonymous students outlook on his/her law school career. Take it for what you’d like, but we take it as pure humor.

(Click Image to Enlarge)

So, I’m sorry anonymous student. I’m sorry about your cold outlook on the future, I’m sorry about your bald, or eventual bald, head, I’m sorry about your debt and I’m sorry about your increased likelihood for a heart attack. But thank you for the laughs as I enter Christmas break.

Arise, students. Finals are over (for some). Now go hibernate

As many students awaken from their finals week malaise (some will trade this in for a drunken stupor), Law Riot would like to know what are some of our reader’s best finals moments. Everybody has experienced those awkward library moments, and heck who hasn’t been disturbed by a laptop start up sound? Note to self: breathing loudly could endanger my health, especially if I am sitting next to this girl.
For the full video, from Yahoo news, read here. Also, for the full Youtube video, click here.

Baby, baby, baby – Nooo!

Justin Bieber hit with paternity suit

Disclaimer: Yes, I know, there are more important things going on in the world right now. I get it. But, you’ve got to admit, this is pretty entertaining stuff right here.

A 20 year old woman has recently stepped forward and claimed that pop sensation Justin Bieber is the father of her 3 month old baby. The woman has filed a paternity suit against Bieber and claims the two had a sexual encounter backstage at a concert last year. Justin Bieber himself, along with his lawyers, has denied the woman’s claims.

The age of sexual consent in California (where the encounter allegedly took place) is 18. However, since at the time of the encounter the woman was 19 years old and Bieber 16, this opens up the door to possible statutory rape charges being filed against the woman if the encounter (which she claims lasted a mere 30 seconds – ouch, Bieber) is proven to be true.

This young woman either feels she has nothing to lose in lobbing these charges (under the penalty of perjury), or her claims are true. Either way, attention now turns to the outcome of the paternity suit hearing schedule for December 15. It is then the next steps regarding whether or not Bieber will have to provide scientific evidence to determine paternity will be determined.

For the full story, please see here.

Roll Sheet….You Elusive Bastard

This has gone on far too long.

The ABA has these silly little requirements about attendance at ABA approved law schools. As a student, you’re required to attend 80% of every class during the semester. So, how do these professors keep track? Oh, that handy little roll sheet with your name—and sometimes even that horrible picture you took during 1L year—right there next to your name in case you forget how to read that day.

The roll sheet is handed out to a student, usually sitting on the end in the front row, who then signs and passes to their right or left and so on. Simple enough, right?


There is no “it’s more difficult than you think” line coming. This is seriously not a difficult concept. Sign and pass to the person next to you. Once at the end of the row, pass behind you and let the roll sheet make its way around the classroom, giving everyone the opportunity to meet the ABA requirements.

Here are the 3 General Categories:

How a 3L Spends Their Class Time


You Can’t Argue With Science.

Oh, and yes, that’s a shameless plug.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Getting Divorced – Ashamed to Even Be Writing This Headline

Let me begin by saying, “I’m devastated.” I mean, I really thought they were going to make it. Everything was working in their favor. They were both rich, both on T.V., they both stand on opposite ends of the height spectrum, they had their lives/wedding aired on E!; this was literally a match made in heaven. Additionally, Humphrey’s has literally nothing to do right now (thanks NBA lockout) so he can be an awesome stay at home husband. How could this not work? I know there are plenty of theories swirling around the interwebs, most notably that the wedding was a ratings sham and essentially ANOTHER way for them to capitalize on “Brand Karsashian,” and I honestly am not going to subscribe to any of them. The fact that I am even writing about this is embarrassing enough and I’ve legitimately wasted 7 minutes of my evening/life writing this.

For a much more hilarious and interesting read, check out Rob Delaney from www.Vice.com and see why he is suing Kim Kardashian, E, and Ryan Seacrest. Read it HERE.

The Art of the Unsolicited Resume in 5 Steps

Times are tough and getting your foot in the door as a 3L is seemingly impossible, no matter where you go to school. Relying on your summer gig as a 2L or career services is no longer enough. It’s time to get creative.

Sending your resume to law firms unsolicited is an art form to say the least. You would be a fool to think you’re the only one doing it and that these firms are just waiting for a resume. Here are some suggestions on how to send your resume to firms without making a bad name for yourself or your law school.

DISCALIMER: Don’t forget that you are forever representing your law school. From the second you step onto campus, throughout your entire legal career, whatever you do affects your law school. This is no different.

Step 1: Do a little research. Find the firms you’re interested in working for and start making a list. You always want to make a list of the firms you are sending your materials to. Why? Because you are

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An Open Letter to My Future Employer: Hire These People Instead


Dear Potential Future Employer,

Today, I would like to express why, good sir (or madam); it would be in your best interests to look beyond the scope of your traditional associate hiring criteria. Law firms often fail to grasp how the personalities and social abilities of their employees deliver real profits or losses to their bottom line. Too many of your competitor firms look only to a specific set of characteristics and employ—pun intended—a numbers-driven scheme of selection.

That scheme, unfortunately, is flawed.

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